Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the health of children and adults by providing them with immediate access to an evidence-based multidisciplinary eating disorder service

We provide immediate access to a multidisciplinary specialist eating disorder service

We work with patients, families, and mental health professionals to provide immediate access to our outpatient services.

We work together to achieve the best results for you or your loved one

We aim to increase the accessibility of eating disorder services and aid recovery by providing patients with immediate access to an evidence-based multidisciplinary team.

Patient centred

We improve the likelihood of you or your loved ones recovering from the eating disorder by providing patient-centred treatment from a passionate, approachable and knowledgeable team.

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Meet our team

We are a multidisciplinary team of mental health nurses, psychologists, dietitians and other health professionals that provide a holistic and evidence based therapy for you or your loved one to aid recovery.

How we work

We work to provide psychological, dietetic and family based therapy as led by a mental health nurse to ensure you or your loved one get the support they need. We provide patients with the best clinical expertise and treatments for their needs. Our therapy is evidence-based and focused on the needs of our patients.

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What we treat

We specialise in treating eating disorders including:

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“The support I received throughout every stage of my treatment was incredible. I always had someone on hand to help.”Marta

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Free phone consultation

We provide a free phone consultation with our therapists to discuss your situation and offer advice.

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Results based

Healthy outcomes

90% of our patients reached a healthy and maintained a healthy weight for 4 weeks prior to discharge.

Increased awareness

95% of our patients strongly agree that we have increased their awareness of their disorder, mental and physical wellness.

Quick assessments

97% of our patients' initial assessments was within 2 weeks of enquiry.


Immediate assessment

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We achieve the best possible results for eating disorder sufferers with a range of problems and conditions by providing patients with early access to assessment and intervention.

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