We understand that caring for a child or loved one with an eating disorder can be a worrying and heartbreaking situation. We support parents or carers who are worried about their child’s disordered eating.

Here at The Bridge we work with commissioners of both public and private services. These include:

Clinical commissioning groups

Our outpatient eating disorder service can be commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). There is a critical intervention window for people with an eating disorder. Using our outpatient multidisciplinary service would largely benefit both the service user and CCGs. For the service user, immediate access to outpatient services maximises their chance of recovery with no waiting lists. We work with CCGs to reduce inpatient admissions or readmissions.

Local authorities

Our specialist services can be commissioned by local authorities, care homes and schools. In order to provide a joined-up approach we communicate with relevant professionals on a case by case basis. Our services can be used by local authorities to provide additional therapeutic provision for Looked After Children (LAC). When working with local authorities information will be shared to prevent the need to repeat information or assessments.

NHS foundation trusts

Our outpatient eating disorder service can be commissioned by NHS acute services. We accept individual case referrals for situations in which a patient may be discharged from inpatient care, but requires a step-down service. We welcome NHS commissioners to visit our facilities, in order to witness the level of care that users receive and see our commitment to individually tailored, results-focused treatment. Our team works closely with NHS commissioners to provide evidence-based care packages.

Private organisations

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience within the eating disorder sector for children and adults. Our services are accessible for all, and can be commissioned in many ways, including referrals from similar inpatient/outpatient services and charities. Our specialist mental health nurses, psychologists and dietitians can provide many services such as consultancy, training, specific assessments and interventions.

What are the benefits of working with us?

There are many benefits to commissioning our services. These include:

  • An Effective Bespoke Solution

    Our specialist team takes a holistic approach in order to best support children and adults within their daily life. We are a multidisciplinary team of mental health nurses, psychologists and dietitians with extensive experience within the eating disorder sector for children and adults. Our approach is patient-centred and results-focused. Offering evidence-based, high-quality care and support as soon as possible in the community can improve recovery rates, lead to fewer relapses and reduce the need for inpatient admissions.

  • Reduced Waiting Lists

    Immediate access to our specialist team allows you to receive support when required. Identification of intervention is made simple with quick access to our specific assessments. Our dedicated specialist team adapt according to individual requirements and needs to provide comprehensive support. Commissioning our outpatient service to those not requiring urgent inpatient treatment will help reduce your waiting lists.

  • Reduced Costs

    The commissioning of dedicated, community eating-disorder services has been shown to improve outcomes and cost effectiveness. Commissioning our service will reduce your costs in two ways. Firstly, by reducing waiting lists, there is less demand on your system for urgent inpatient services. Secondly, eating disorders are best treated when intervention is as early as possible. With The Bridge, we provide patients with immediate access to a multidisciplinary, patient-centred service. With effective early treatment, recovery is not only quicker but reduces likelihood of relapse and need for further services. If a child or adult starts their treatment in a general child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS), they are more likely to be admitted to an inpatient service than those treated in community eating-disorder settings within the following year.

Why The Bridge?

Our service is unique and bespoke. We provide children and adults with immediate access to a multidisciplinary specialist eating disorder service. We provide you with:

  • Immediate access to a specialist team

    We believe to maximise people’s recovery we should provide them with immediate access and to our specialist multidisciplinary team of professionals that will work with them holistically.

  • Holistic and patient centred care

    We believe in continuously providing holistic, patient-centred treatments which promote physical and mental wellbeing to increase resilience. The needs and wellbeing of patients is at the centre of everything we do.

  • Results based treatment

    We are committed to providing results-focused practice to ensure we deliver patients with the goals they want to achieve. Importantly, we believe results are best achieved with an educative approach and we work with our patients to achieve their goals together.

Do you need help for yourself?

Now that you feel ready to ask for support, it is crucial to act quickly and get professional help immediately without having to go on a waiting list. Eating disorders are best treated when intervention is as early as possible. At The Bridge, our therapy is results-focused on the individual needs of our patients.

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