We offer an initial assessment by a Registered Mental Health Nurse, who is trained and specialised in eating disorders. By offering a nurse led service we can make sure we are offering the treatment that is suitable and required for your recovery.

The assessment will last approximately two hours. Within this time there will be an in depth discussion with both the young person and their parents/carers. It will cover history of the disordered eating, family history, physical health and much more.

It will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the treatment and what to expect. It allows your care coordinator the chance to see what would be best route to take for the next few months of treatment.

Accompanying her is a Dietitian to assess the nutritional status of the individual and discuss the eating plans available to encourage weight gain and restore a healthy BMI. This will be done slowly and in conjunction with psychological treatment. As part of the assessment will also be a psychologist and family therapist (if required) to provide psychological and family treatments which can aid in full recovery of the eating disorder.

By providing this in an outpatient setting, we are able to make our service accessible to more sufferers and offer help and support before the illness takes over and the health of the patient reaches critical. All of our team are professionally qualified to ensure you and your loved one are in safe hands. We offer a complete eating disorder service with all the professionals you need to overcome your eating disorder, so you can live a healthy and normal life.

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We are bespoke

Our treatment is not a one-size fits all. We listen to your problems and give you or your loved one bespoke advice according to age, gender and severity of the eating disorder.

We listen

We offer a positive and relaxed environment for you to sit down and discuss your thoughts. All our therapists are here to listen to you and offer support so we can decide the best treatment plan for you.

We are knowledgeable

If you or your loved one is struggling with a suspected eating disorder, our therapists are trained and go above and beyond to aid you on your journey to recovery.

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All our therapists are here to listen to you and offer support so that we can decide the best treatment plan for you.

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