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Meet our team of specialists

Kerri Fleming

Mental Health Nurse

Kerri is our approachable team lead, providing years of experience within the mental health sector. Kerri has worked in some of the largest inpatient eating disorder units across the U.K and wants to apply her knowledge to a holistic, outpatient service so support is more accessible and help is available before the eating disorder can escalate.

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Dr Lauren McCoy

Counselling Psychologist

Lauren is our committed Counseling Psychologist who has worked both in the NHS and private sector. She is passionate about working with children and adults and has gained a lot of experience applying psychological theories and interventions with children and adults struggling with cognitive, emotional, relational and mental health difficulties. Lauren has expert therapy skills which contribute to treatment progress and recovery by successfully providing a safe and non-judgmental space to help help children and adults turn their life around.

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Emma Smith

Specialist Dietitian

Emma is our committed Specialist Dietitian who has experience in both the NHS and private sectors. She understands the complex needs of each individual and their family to provide patient centred care which is results-focused, evidence based and personable. Emma works with Kerri to ensure the patients are nutritionally complete to reduce the detrimental effects of malnutrition from eating disorders.

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Saffron Orwin


Saffron is our Dietetic Assistant, and a Dietetics MSc student; with nutrition and dietetics experience in both adult and paediatric care in schools, NHS and private sectors. By supporting the therapists in their roles, she can apply her knowledge to deliver a patient-centred service for eating disorder patients which is continually developing.

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Are you worried about a loved one?

It can be frightening to bring up the subject, especially if it is the first time you express these concerns to them. However, the first step to recovery takes courage and openness. At The Bridge we aim to help patients develop a positive mental and physical well being, and become resilient to challenges. We encourage children and adults to develop a healthy relationship to food, their body and their mind.

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