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Elle Byrne

L6 Humanistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Having done a degree in counselling & Psychotherapy and having the opportunity to work with children aged 5-18, as well as teachers and parents, I enjoy counselling individuals of all ages, backgrounds and have gained a wide range of experiences from the work I have carried out. Not only to support individuals throughout their journey but also to create a safe space for them to feel comfortable in & seek help/advise...

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Are you worried about a loved one?

It can be frightening to bring up the subject, especially if it is the first time you express these concerns to them. However, the first step to recovery takes courage and openness. At The Bridge we aim to help patients develop a positive mental and physical well being, and become resilient to challenges. We encourage children and adults to develop a healthy relationship to food, their body and their mind.

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