BDD is an anxiety disorder which causes sufferers to become obsessed with their body and body image, causing them to imagine defects and have a distorted idea of how they look to themselves and to others.

At The Bridge we understand that BDD can cause disordered eating behaviours. We believe that a holistic approach involves helping an individual tackle the root of their BDD, whilst working on the disordered eating behaviours.

What are the signs and symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder?

People with BDD worry about their appearance obsessively and will consistently pick flaws with themselves. People with BDD have poor body image and self esteem and will often compare themselves to others and even seek extensive cosmetic surgery. Often sufferers will not seek help due to fear of people seeing them as attention seeking, vein or self-obsessed, which is not the case. It is common in people who have other psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and OCD. Although this disorder does not directly affect eating, it can cause obsession over body image, weight, excessive dieting, and exercise. BDD is common in people with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

How can The Bridge help with Body Dysmorphic Disorder?


Mental health nurse reviews

Clinical Psychology Therapy Sessions

Dietetic reviews

Group therapy

Family therapy

We understand that BDD can take over an individual’s life, leaving someone feeling like they are trapped within a body they are not happy in. Here at The Bridget, we offer holistic treatment for BDD including a full mental health nurse assessment, regular reviews to aid recovery and support and psychological treatments.

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Our promises

We make the following six promises to all our patients.

Our values

Holistic and patient centred

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We believe in continuously providing holistic, patient-centred treatments which promote physical and mental wellbeing to increase resilience. The needs and wellbeing of patients is at the centre of everything we do. We are passionate about helping people and their families achieve their goals by providing them with patient-centred therapy that is passionate, caring and knowledgeable. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge to help educate patients, families and the wider public about eating disorders.

Results based

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We believe in providing patients with evidence-based treatments to enable recovery of their eating disorder. We are committed to providing results-focused practice to ensure we deliver patients with the goals they want to achieve. Importantly, we believe results are best achieved with an educative approach and we work with our patients to achieve their goals together. We also believe that follow up after treatment is essential to ensure patients’ needs are being met and that their results are maximised.

Promoting physical and mental wellbeing

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We believe in helping patients develop a healthy relationship to food, and their body. Our service enables patients to set their own feeding goals in order to achieve a healthy weight and independently manage meals. We are passionate about helping patients’ understanding of disordered eating, and promoting mental wellness in order to tackle the behaviour.

Accessible and approachable

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We believe our services should be approachable and accessible. We give people the best chances of recovery by providing them with early access to assessments and interventions that are provided by approachable staff in an outpatient setting.

Immediate access to a specialist team

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We believe to maximise people’s recovery we should provide them with immediate access and to our specialist multidisciplinary team of professionals that will work with them holistically to achieve the best possible results for patients and families.

Affordable service

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We believe that anyone should be able to access immediate treatment for an eating disorder, regardless of their financial situation. Our treatment is priced as a total care package that is agreed with each client, tailored to the individual with a flexible pricing policy. We believe in offering finance to people who may benefit from this.

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We achieve the best possible results for eating disorder sufferers with a range of problems and conditions by providing patients with early access to assessment and intervention.

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